Can a Leopard change its spots?

Change…the only thing that’s constant! At the Centre for NLP in Basel we get to train people all over Switzerland. Last week I was with a group of 12 leaders who were learning about their role as a leader. Leadership skills off you like. Now, if there’s one thing I know about being a leader […]


The art of Anchoring

There are a number of presuppositions in Neuro Linguistic Programming which can really help in starting to understand how we tick, how we work and how we. Interact with others. They are all really easy to understand although can, to some extent, depend on the state you are in. Why is this important? Well, as […]

Row of Matches

Creating Value…with a match!

There is an old expression where I come from, and you may have something similar where you are. It’s something about knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Surely it would be better to understand or appreciate the value despite the cost? And does the price tag indicate the value? Probably not […]


123 Swishhhhh!

In the last blog we looked at the NLP Swish pattern. Co-incidentally I was asked by a client to help them stop plucking out their eyelashes and eyebrows, where this technique is useful. It’s known as Trichotillomania in case you are interested. The client also had a lot of other life challenges including the all too common […]


Do you Believe in Yourself?

Oh now, this is going to get a bit deep as we ask…do you truly believe in yourself, or do you harbour self-limiting beliefs? Mmm, think about it and be honest with yourself as by the way, there’s no one else with you right now that you’re going to fool! OK, let’s ask a little […]