In the last blog we looked at the NLP Swish pattern. Co-incidentally I was asked by a client to help them stop plucking out their eyelashes and eyebrows, where this technique is useful. It’s known as Trichotillomania in case you are interested.

The client also had a lot of other life challenges including the all too common negative self belief of “I’m not good enough”. For some people it is better to believe you are not good enough than to let yourself know that you are good enough. It could lead to bragging and that’s just bad!

The problem of this way of thinking is that it leads to unhappiness, as in this client. Sigh. It leads to low self esteem and overwhelm …jogging on to stress.

While getting rid of this type of negative self talk is pretty straight forward for an NLP Master Coach, and believe me I was massively energised to help, but the client was already seeing a psychiatrist and taking medication for the stress. Sadly at this point all the negative beliefs are being reinforced by the label and psychiatric treatment “badge of honour”.

Anyway, I digress. Back to trichotillomania. As in any SWISH Pattern uncovering the trigger for the behaviour is essential and here was not only no exception but it was also pretty straight forward. For this client it started with an itch in the eye although the itch was noticed when boredom set in. Once the itch was noticed the hand started its progress from the work desk to the eye a PING! the lash was plucked from its home and discarded. The current state, the state that we wanted to change was easily described in all its glory. Then through discussion we figured out what the desired state would be, obviously something that didn’t include plucking.

With these two pictures held in their head, not easy but most people do manage it, all we had to do was swap them over, as quickly as 123 Swishhhhh!…several times.

Now, you’re only done when you’re done. Everything in this client’s physiology told me that a transformation had taken place, but were they? Was this client now a non trichotillomaniac? We went through the usual further pacing, wondering what they might do in similar circumstances in the future and all was confirmed. The trichotillomania had gone. I did offer follow up session but actually bumped into the client at a social event where they had a wonderful set of eyebrows on display. Good on them!

If you’d like to understand more about the Swish Pattern, how to do it use it – even on yourself, then join us at one of our NLP Training courses, in English, in Switzerland soon.

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