It’s a question we are often asked and so I thought it worthwhile answering here for all now. The first thing you absolutely need to know is that NLP, along with hypnosis and hypnotherapy, is a do with the process. There is no doing to someone and as such you can’t have someone “do NLP on you” unless you agree.

An ethical practitioner, like us at the Centre for NLP, will also explain to you what is going on, and help you understand why we ask the question we do. It’s all about understanding you and helping get the most out of your life. Much in the same way have!

So how do these techniques work, and why do they produce such great results? If you are an observer, it all looks a bit like magic, but it’s not. It is, however, the result of a very practical set of beliefs that the client adopts.

At first, the client is encouraged to suspend disbelief and trust the process. If you are working with someone for a change in behaviour do make sure that the change will be a positive one first! Actually, suspending disbelief is almost the automatic part of the process. You know what it’s like? It’s a bit like those self-fulfilling prophecies we’ve all done.  When you believe that something won’t work and low and behold it doesn’t! Similarly, if you have some certainty about an event – like the time I absolutely knew I was going to bump into Rod Stewart… it happens and I did!

If you actualize your belief, it’s more likely to happen!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but whenever you go to the theatre or cinema, you are expected to suspend belief. How else could you sit through Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? You are, if even for an hour or two, believing the scenes played out in front of you actually happen. The reality of the filming process is of course entirely different.

A similar thing happens when we use NLP and in hypnosis for that matter. When the hypnotist says, “close the eyes and relax the muscles around the eyes ’till you can’t relax them anymore. When they’re that relaxed then hold onto the relaxation, and test them to make sure they stay closed.” You know full well, like my wife, that you can open them, but you don’t …unless you are my wife! As you keep your eyes closed you continue to suspend your disbelief, although bizarrely you do remain in overall control.

So when learning NLP & Hypnosis, or when being coached by an NLP Master Coach, using these techniques, we do suspend our disbelief and in so doing can make changes we always wanted to make. All change starts at the unconscious level and through using these techniques change becomes very easy.

By now, I imagine you are saying “…but I don’t know how!” Well… that’s why we’re here. At the Centre for NLP, we actually teach you how! You’ll get this from the start of day 1, the start of us sharing everything we know about NLP and Hypnotherapy.

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